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 Reggaeton Heels®️ 


Reggaeton Heels®️ is the official heels-styled dance genre trademarked by Sabina America.

The style incorporates grooves inspired from, but not limited to: Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Burlesque, Waacking, Twerking, Pole, and floor technique. Open to all levels from Beginner to Professional, the style aims to harmonize the rugged vibe of Reggaeton and Reggaeton inspired music with the sensual, delicate aesthetic of movement in heels. Each class brings out the confidence in every dancer as they surpass their own expectations of limitations from dancing in heels.

Reggaeton Heels®️ proves that anything done in flats can be executed with the same amount of strength in heels, and look effortless. 

in-person schedule
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Mondays                  8:30pm               Hollywood, FL

online tutorial videos

Learn your favorite Reggaeton Heels®️ routines step-by-step on this YouTube channel coming soon.

Visit @reggaetonheels on Instagram

This channel is coming soon!
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