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america's bombshells

America's Bombshells is Sabina America's Company. Providing professional dancers, costumes, and choreography for artist tours, music videos, and live performances.

America's Bombshells also provides training for dancers interested in becoming professionals. There are the America's Bombshells Intensive and America's Bombshells Productions. 

america's bombshells intensive

The America's Bombshells Intensive is a week long program where female dancers learn all they need to know about working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry. Training and education includes learning about proper nutrition, the industry do's and don'ts, working out, improving technique, and learning a number of dance routines.

America's Bombshells Productions

America's Bombshells Productions are videos that you can find on YouTube featuring the dancers from the Intensive program in concept videos. The students get to put into practice all of the work that they have trained for during the Intensive. Some dancers are also booked for work from their performances with America's Bombshells Productions.

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